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Does God allow bad things to happen in our lives?
If God is all-powerful, does that mean He allows painful things to happen to us? Does He orchestrate these painful events to teach us things? And if so, how can we possibly understand some of the atrocities that happen to little children?

In this three-part series by Leon Fontaine, you will learn the answers to these controversial questions and more. You’ll discover that the key to understanding the truth about why bad things happen on this planet lies with understanding the difference between power and authority.

God all-powerful, but He is also all love, which means He has no desire to see you experience pain. God is not causing bad things to happen to you, and understanding this key truth will Fortify Your Faith and help you to rise above every storm with confidence!

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The Spirit Contemporary Life

Do you want to unleash the miraculous in your everyday world?

In this brand new series, Leon Fontaine explores The Spirit Contemporary® Life. Enjoy insightful messages, inspiring stories, and never before seen teachings with Leon Fontaine. You’ll love this in-depth look at how you can become Spirit Contemporary.

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The Leon Show

Leon Fontaine hosts this Spirit Contemporary daily talk show that explores relevant topics with world-renowned guests such as Franklin Graham, Roma Downey, Duck Dynasty’s® Robertsons, Dr. Gary Chapman, Max Lucado, Lee Strobel, Darlene Zschech and many more. The LEON Show is produced at Miracle Channel studios and has broad distribution around the world.

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Discovering Spirit Contemporary

Discovering Spirit Contemporary is meant to open a door into a whole new experience of the Christian life – a miraculous life of partnership with Holy Spirit. Led by Pastor Leon Fontaine, this 6-episode series uses powerful teaching and compelling drama to explore how to cultivate the heart condition, the base of knowledge, the core beliefs, and the everyday practices that make it possible to live a Spirit Contemporary life.

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Praise the Lord

The Praise the Lord Program is the only “live”, 2 hour, Christian program in the world. The program brings the highest caliber of guests from well-known celebrities to laypersons for interview, as well as, singers, musicians, evangelists and the coverage of revivals and crusades from around the world. This award winning program has been on each week night for over 30 years.

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