A Powerful Prayer

I’m so glad you’re visiting the website and that you’re checking out this prayer of salvation.

This prayer is so powerful that when you pray it, it will change your world, it will change your life, it did for me. It did for many of the friends I know and the people that I talk to on a regular basis. It’s just an amazing prayer! And the prayer was made possible by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Back then, man didn’t have a way to get to God. Man had fallen away. And when you read the Old Testament in the Bible you can see it so clearly.

God sent His own son, Jesus Christ, who died in our place on the cross. The Bible says He took our sin: past, present, future – all of it, and He took the punishment. He paid the penalty for everything you’ve ever done wrong so that He could give you a gift. This gift is a relationship with God, being able to be in His family.

This prayer is so powerful because what you’re saying is, “God, I want to be in your family and I accept the free gift that Jesus paid for on the cross with His own life, dying in my place.” Jesus qualified you to be in God’s family. Jesus qualified you to pray this prayer. You don’t have to go out and clean up your life, to clean up your mind, you don’t have to clean up your mouth. You don’t have to clean up anything in your life. You come as you are and God will accept you because of what Jesus did.

Once you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you are now in God’s family and you get to change with His power. The loneliness goes, and you now have the power to change in whatever area of life. Whether it’s bad habits, whether it’s sin, whether it’s things like depression and fear – things that hold you in bondage. God’s power is in you and you are able to change anything. It’s not always an instantaneous change. It is a step by step living your life for God as He walks you through the challenges that life can bring. He’ll walk with you through any mess you’ve made and help you to be victorious!

If you're interested in joining God's family, making Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, then pray this simple prayer.

“Father I come to you. I understand that your son Jesus died for me. I don’t have to clean up my life. I don’t have to change. I come as I am and I ask you to forgive me, and come into my heart. I ask from today and on that you’d give me the power to change every day, every year, for the rest of my life. From today and on I choose to give my life to Jesus Christ. I choose to follow Him and I thank you for that free gift of salvation. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

If you just prayed that prayer, you’ve made the first step to getting to know God. He’s inside of you but now you’ve got to get to know him. Know what He’s like, know your purpose for life, know why you were made, and that there is a destiny ahead of you! There are so many amazing things yet that you have to learn.

If you live in the Calgary or Winnipeg area, come on out to Springs Church. If you live somewhere a long ways away – another country, another city – begin the hunt for a church. How do you find a good church? It will be full of life, not guilt and condemnation. It will teach you who Jesus Christ is, that He’s the only way to God. And it will teach you who God is; who you are, and that you have an amazing life ahead of you! God bless you! I am so excited for what you’ve just done!

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Developing the habit of doing devotions every day is one of the most important things that you can do in life, next to giving your life to Christ, which you have just done.

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