Understand Genuine Grace — Audio Download

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Do you struggle to like yourself?
If so, you’re not alone. Many of us tend to focus on the characteristics we lack. We compare our worst with others’ best, we downplay our gifts, and deep down we really don’t believe we can do anything great.
The trouble is, we think this is how God wants us to be. We think we should feel badly about ourselves—that this is what it means to be humble. What we don’t realize is that going through life with a poor sense of self-worth has a negative effect—not only on us, but also on the people around us.
The good news is you can discover how to develop a healthy love for yourself. Through the powerful teaching in this series, you’ll begin to see yourself as God does, which will empower you will build great relationships both with others and with God. And as you receive God’s love, not only will you be able to love others to a greater degree, you’ll also be better able to overcome stress and worry, because love conquers fear.
If you want to experience the love of Christ at a whole new level, begin to discover how loved and cherished, impeccably crafted and richly gifted you are. Join me on this journey and begin to like yourself, appreciate yourself, believe in yourself, be confident in yourself…and yes, even love yourself!