The Power of Your Tongue (audio download)


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Do you wish your life was different?
God’s desire is for you to have a full and abundant life (John 10:10). What if it isn’t God’s will that is stopping you from a great, fulfilling life? What if it has everything to do with what you believe?
It’s crucial that, as believers, we begin to understand the power of our words. If we’re going to claim all the blessings that Jesus died for, we need to make sure that the deep beliefs in our heart line up with the truths found in God’s Word… and begin to speak them into our future.
In this three-part series you’ll learn how to:
  • Direct your life with your words
  • Build the inner dreams of your heart
  • Renew your mind in God’s Word
You can walk into an amazing future by changing the words you speak!