Jesus Heals – Unlocking the Miraculous Audio Download

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Are you in need of a miracle? Whether it’s in your body, finances, relationships, or any other area, the principles in this series are designed to unlock the miraculous in your life!

There are two areas of life: our eternal lives and internal lives. Most of us are very good at cultivating our outer lives, and we rush around all day attending to our busy schedules. The trouble is, the lack of attention on our inner lives is causing a crisis in the Christian world today, and it robs us from experiencing God’s promises in our lives.

The good news is, you can learn to cultivate this inner life of the heart, out of which flows “the forces of life.” In this powerful three-part series, you will discover how to:

  • Cultivate and build a strong inner life, which leads to experiencing more of God’s promises.
  • Snuff out the enemy’s attacks against this powerful inner control centre.
  • Live your life with a calm, confident sense of rest as you walk in more of the awe-inspiring power and authority that is yours in Christ.

If you want greater health, peace, joy, power and capacity, this series is for you. Join Leon on this journey, and take back the controls of your life, starting today!