Praying For Others In Jesus’ Name

The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]. James 5:16 (AMPC)

As a believer, you’ve been given the authority to use Jesus’ name. His name has authority over sickness and disease, poverty and strife, and every work of the devil. But does this mean that we can use the name of Jesus Christ to command things to change in others’ lives?

You can use the name of Jesus with complete authority and trust when it comes to you as a person because you’ve been given all authority when it comes to looking after yourself and your young children. When we’re praying for others, our prayers are still powerful, but it’s a bit different. We don’t have authority over that person. Free will, choice, and belief come into play, but that doesn’t mean our prayers are pointless.

Today’s verse puts it this way: our prayers make tremendous power available.

In your house, tremendous power is available in the form of electricity, but that power lies dormant until you plug something into an outlet. Your prayers make tremendous power available to those you pray for, but they still need to do their part. This is why it is vital that we also pray that they grow in wisdom and understanding so they learn to walk in the promises of God.

Never underestimate the power of praying for others in Jesus’ name. It may seem as though nothing is happening at first, but remember that you are making tremendous power available to those you pray for. When they’re ready, the effects of those prayers will spring into action to initiate miraculous change!