New Picture, New Future

Leon Fontaine Devoted

Yet it was not I but God who was working through me by his grace. 1 Corinthians 15:10 (NLT)

When you claim God’s promises over your life, you’re not speaking them to remind God of what He’s promised. He didn’t forget. You also don’t speak them to earn the promises. You speak them as part of the process of renewing your mind. You’re planting seed, which introduces (or re-introduces) God’s vision for your life to your heart.

You see, the vision you have in your heart releases forces into your life. It’s these pictures that are determining the boundaries of your finances, for example. What you envision in your heart also determines how you approach your relationships and what you’re capable of doing.

Reading the Bible isn’t boring, if you go about it right! Start in the New Testament and write down verses that stand out to you. Then, when you have a bit of quiet time by yourself, ask God to help you get a new vision based on what His Word says.

As you begin to picture what God says you can have, you’ll notice things begin to change in your life. This is what today’s verse means when it says that God works through you by His grace.

Don’t spend all your time thinking about your problems or dwelling on the things you wish you could change. Meditate on the answers. Let your imagination take you away to a world where the promises of God are being fulfilled in your life. Envision a great relationship with God and with family members; a calm, peaceful mind; health; energy; the finances you need; a sense of purpose; and joy and laughter every day. You’ll be well on your way to experiencing a brand-new world!