Faith And Grace

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17 (NKJV)

Whenever we see a word mentioned twice in a row in the Bible, we need to pay special attention. So why does Romans 10:17 say that faith comes by hearing…and hearing?

Well, faith takes more than just hearing. Hearing that God has promised you something doesn’t automatically result in a confident, unshakable belief that you have it. That kind of faith comes when you meditate on God’s Word and accept what it promises you.

Faith is something you develop. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard.

To have faith, you don’t have to fight and strive for it or follow a certain set of rigid guidelines. That’s not how God’s grace works. Don’t fall for the lie that you have to confess God’s promises a certain number of times, read a certain amount of the Bible per day, or pray longer in order to work up the right level of faith. Of course, those are all good things to do on the road to getting convinced of God’s promises, but all you need to do is just keep putting time and effort into your study of God’s Word. Developing faith is just about meditating on the truth until you believe it and then you will begin to experience it.

The truth is that God’s favour flows in your life. He’s empowering you for the benefit of your relationships. His grace is yours for your career. His power is in your body for healing. His power and ability are yours for every area of your life!

Keep hearing and meditating so you can continue to believe more and more, and then things in your life will begin to change!