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With your support of this vital mission, you can bring Jesus’ message into millions of homes around the globe and change countless lives through Christ.

You make The LEON Show and Leon Fontaine programs possible and you ensure they are shared around the world. You also make possible the global distribution of our devotional, Devoted. Because of you, millions of people around the world can hear about Jesus in a way that speaks to them wherever they are in their spiritual journey, and in their own language in an ever-expanding number of countries.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to share Jesus’ love and hope with people all around this beautiful world!

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Spirit Contemporary® is the key to living an empowered life—one that connects your day-to-day existence with God’s supernatural power.

“Years ago when I worked as a first responder-EMT, I witnessed so much pain and injustice. As a Christian, I wanted so badly to help the hurting people I encountered. I wanted to see God’s miraculous power at work—not only at the altar—but also in the back of my ambulance. The trouble was, I needed to find a way to pray for people and talk about my faith in a way that wasn’t strange or off-putting to those who didn’t know Christ.

Maybe you can relate. You want to see miracles happen in your everyday life in a way that attracts people to the Jesus you know and love. The good news is you can, and this new way of communicating and living out your faith is what Spirit Contemporary is all about.

I believe it’s going to change your life radically!” – Leon Fontaine

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