Your favorite episodes of The Leon Show

Leon Fontaine hosts this Spirit Contemporary daily talk show that explores relevant topics with world-renowned guests such as Franklin Graham, Roma Downey, Duck Dynasty’s® Robertsons, Dr. Gary Chapman, Max Lucado, Lee Strobel, Darlene Zschech and many more. The LEON Show is produced at Miracle Channel studios and has broad distribution around the world.

The Spirit Contemporary Life
Leon Fontaine

The Roots of Spirit Contemporary
Leon Fontaine

Defying Isis
Johnnie Moore

Making The Cut
Amber C. Haines

The Genesis Factor
Dr. Ben Lerner

God’s Crimes Scene
J Warner Wallace

Faith For the Fight
Holly Wagner

Get Your Priorities Straight
Alli Worthington

Learning to Love like Jesus
Caleb Kaltenbach

Is God Nudging You?
Mike Robertson

Know God
Randy Frazee

Eating Disorders And The Power To Overcome
Eileen Wilder

Curious Faith
Logan Wolfram

Messy Grace
Caleb Kaltenbach

Mind Viruses
Mike Robertson

Divine intelligence
Dr. Peter Glidden

Good God
Lucas Miles

How Beliefs Impact Your Future
Randy Frazee

Breaking Busy
Alli Worthington

Be Still and Know
Drs Mark & Michele Sherwood

Confident Expectation
Lee Strobel

Taking the Time to Make It Work
Dr. Doug Weiss

The Strength of God
Gwen Smith

Vaccines and our Children
Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Fear Or Faith
Bill Purvis

A Lifelong Love
Gary Thomas

The Naked Gospel
Andrew Farley

Sex Languages
Dr. Doug Weiss

Who I am in Christ
Leeana Tankersley

Let Your Light Shine
Eric Johnson

Stepping Out in Faith
Robby Dawkins

Raising Boys By Design
Dr. Gregg Jantz

Living Without Shame
Leeana Tankersley

Make a Break For It
Bill Purvis

I Want It All
Gwen Smith

Life in Heaven
John Burke

Christ in You
Eric Johnson

Dissolving Illusions
Dr. Suzanne Humphries

The Key to Everything
Dr. Jason Peters

Ditch the Baggage
Nancy Alcorn

Share the Gospel with Love
Dr. Jason Peters

Always Choose Love
Dr. Jason Peters

Relationship Without Religion
Andrew Farley

No One Stands Alone
Shane & Georgie Baxter

Dr. Sandy Kulkin

Spirit Contemporary Media
Matt & Laurie Crouch

Getting a Pharisectomy
Peter Haas

Spirit Contemporary Living
Larry Osborne

Cancer Killers
Dr. Ben Lerner

Another Shot
Dr. Dave Martin

Navigating the Book of Genesis
Dr. Hugh Ross

Emotionally Free
Dr. Grant Mullen

Healthy Relationships
Gary Thomas

Redefining Grace
Dr. Jim Richards

Whatever the Cost
Benham Brothers

Miracles from Heaven
Christy Wilson Beam