You’ve invested countless hours, capital and energy into your business and career, but has your business returned that investment?
Is your team aligned and speaking the same language?
Are you on track to exceed your sales goals?
Are you regularly evaluating your business processes?
Is your business doing great and you’d like to take it to the next level?

These nights, hosted by Leon Fontaine, will encourage and challenge you to keep learning and grow your skills as a leader and entrepreneur. Network with hundreds of other like-minded leaders that are interested in growing themselves and their businesses. At each event we take time for Q & A with Leon so you will have an opportunity to get your questions answered.

Topics we’ve previously discussed:

  • The Power of Focus and Being Aware
  • Six Steps to Problem Solving
  • Creating Freedom in Your Life
  • Leadership Reminders to Help You Build a Successful Team and Business.
  • Four Phases of Management

Leon Fontaine is internationally renowned for his ability to equip leaders with skills for success. He is the CEO of Miracle Channel and Senior Pastor of Springs, a contemporary church for family and career coaching with six campuses across two provinces in Western Canada. Email your comments to